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New small group training session beginning 9/19!

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Members not only get the best fitness in the seacoast area, but also become part of the best fitness community.

Why Join The Sweatshop?

We now offer three new Les Mills 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training programs as part of their GRIT series to send energy levels through the roof.

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September 27, 2017

Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Every day we train our muscles to change. We go into the gym, forget everything else in our lives for a while and try to embrace change. We may fight it, we may grit our teeth and sometimes we might give up, but ultimately we are working towards change…. Read more »

An invitation

August 03, 2016

Launch is this weekend, which means we’re starting brand new music and moves in all of the classes. This is when I start brainstorming how to get new people into the club. I remember driving by our location back when it was Positive Steps Fitness Center and seeing people exercising in the windows at night. I… Read more »

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