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Members not only get the best fitness in the seacoast area, but also become part of the best fitness community.

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We now offer three new Les Mills 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training programs as part of their GRIT series to send energy levels through the roof.

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1 Year Baby!!!

June 11, 2014

How is it possible that we have officially been in business for one year? When I think back to all of the excitement I felt a year ago today, I’m so incredibly proud. I’m not just proud of what The Sweatshop has become, I’m also proud of our staff and members. I think it’s safe… Read more »


November 26, 2013

This year as I reflect on things that have happened over the last few months, I have only one word to describe how I feel: thankful. When I heard that the gym I used to work at was closing I was devastated. To back up a bit, in 2004 I walked into Positive Steps Fitness… Read more »

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