2 Weeks of SGT

So it’s been two full weeks of SGT workouts, 3x a week and I am feeling great!  I feel like my body has gotten used to the intensity and I’m not as sore after each workout…so there is hope if you are just starting!  And NO, teachers, this does not mean you need to kick my butt more!  My muscles are enjoying all of the pain!

I attacked an early morning Kettlebell class last week and I wanted to share my experience!  All I can say is power to all of you that wake up that early every week!  Too early for my body, but after the warmup and with a combination of 15 minutes of kettlebell swings and squats, and then another 10 minutes of alternating moves, I was ready to tackle the rest of my day! If you’re thinking of trying Kettlebells, I feel like it’s a low intensity workout compared to GRIT but no doubt you’ll walk out sweating and stronger!

The snow day really put a wrench in my workout schedule, so today I made up for it by going to SPRINT this morning and then attacked a 5:30 GRIT class.  I am addicted to SPRINT!  I get on the bike and during class I’m huffing and puffing, dripping sweat, and my legs are on fire…I ask myself why I put up with this every week… YET I keep coming back for more! It’s like a love-hate relationship! I’m sweating off the ice cream sundae I ate the night before!  And then I went to GRIT to find out it’s all PLYO…yup a total leg workout…and every other part of my body!  I only stopped once to grab some air this time, so I know my endurance is improving!  The way we set up the benches it was like we had partners in crime. If I felt myself loosing steam, I could see another girl going for it and I wanted to keep pace!  And if you haven’t tried Donkey Kicks yet…they’re so much fun!  Nothing like kicking yourself in the a**!


Enjoy your workouts this week and Happy Easter!  Sorry Whole 30 crew…I’ll eat your share of mini eggs!