If you told me five years ago that I would have enjoyed working out and going to group fitness classes, I would have called you crazy.  What seems like an entire lifetime ago, my friend and instructor Nise encouraged (well, more like dragged) me to try a BodyPump class.  Though I had a hard time walking down the stairs following that first killer workout, I’ve been hooked ever since.  These classes have the right mix of strength, cardio, and fun for me – they have helped me lose 100 lbs, complete a half marathon and a Spartan race, and given me the confidence to start training for a marathon.  But it’s not just the classes… it’s the people.  All the instructors at the Sweatshop have this way of connecting a room full of people to create an energy that changes us – our muscles, our bodies, and our mindsets – and I leave every class sweaty, sore, and smiling. Other gyms I’ve been to are full of individuals, staring off in their own world and just putting in their hour.  The Sweatshop is different, it’s a community.  It’s a group of friends that are happy to see me in class, encourage me when I’m dragging and tired,  and let me have it if I’m slacking off.  It’s that connection that makes the Sweatshop special.  It’s given me the confidence to try new things, set crazy goals for myself, and have some great people to celebrate with when I achieve them!

— Holly S.

The Sweatshop is truly a one in a million gym. When I started my fitness journey I didn’t have high expectations (for myself or the gym). I just wanted a gym close to home to workout in a couple times per week and hoped for some sort of “results”. What I found was a gym like no other. It’s my fitness family! The classes are addicting and fun. The instructors are full of energy and enthusiasm and inspire and encourage me to push past the limits my mind has set. The profound dedication they show for fitness and each member here is undeniable. I can’t get enough BODYPUMP AND BODYCOMBAT! There is a magic and connection here like no other gym!

— Caren R.

I've taken Sh'Bam & CXWorx at The Sweatshop. I can honestly say that Sh'Bam is the best part of my week, every week. It's like a guilt-free night on the town with your friends, the perfect blend of dance party and sweaty workout.

— Katie N.

I have been a dancer my whole life. When I moved to the seacoast after college I struggled to find classes that met both my passion for hip hop and latin dancing as well as provide level of challenge....and of course be fun!! I found Danielle at the Sweatshop and couldn't be happier. She is your perfect combination of sass, funk, flare and grind. If you love to dance, Sh'Bam and BodyJam are two classes I would highly recommend. No pressure, learn the moves as you go, laugh a lot, feel confident and beautiful, and as a bonus, walk away with some new moves for the Saturday night dance floor ;) Sh' BAM!

— Sarah K.