An invitation

Launch is this weekend, which means we’re starting brand new music and moves in all of the classes. This is when I start brainstorming how to get new people into the club. I remember driving by our location back when it was Positive Steps Fitness Center and seeing people exercising in the windows at night. I saw the group fitness classes and they looked intimidating but fun. It wasn’t until I was a student at UNH that I finally took my first group fitness class. I will never forget being so nervous that I was sweating before I even walked in. I set up my step and wore your standard college girl gym outfit of shorts with some kind of lettering on the butt and a t-shirt. The instructor faced away from us, never introduced herself, put on the music and started. I was like a fish out of water at first but luckily with a sense of rhythm and and determination I was able to get through the hour. I came back over and over again. I never did get the instructor’s name. We referred to her not so lovingly as the step nazi. I saw her in the mall once and she didn’t even smile.

Anyway, that’s all to say that even with a not so great instructor, group fitness gave me a workout like nothing I ever could get on my own. Moving to the beat and surrounded by people, I pushed harder than I did in the gym. When I graduated I joined PSFC and took my first BODYSTEP class and met the kindest, most outgoing instructor, Jeanine. If I wasn’t there, she noticed. I had a friend that I met there that would set up my bench for me every week. What kept me coming back was the interaction with the instructors and members in addition to the workout. For the record, BODYSTEP was WAY better than the step nazi’s workout.

I don’t know how many people drive by and look in The Sweatshop windows and wish they could try it out. Or how many people see the free 7 day trial sign on route one and wonder what a class would be like, but I imagine they exist. Are you one of them? Have you never taken a class before and are worried about feeling out of place? Do you want to give yourself some “me time” and start exercising? I am personally inviting you to come and try a class. It’s free for 7 days and there’s no strings attached. And here’s the deal, we’ve all been there. I have, every instructor at The Sweatshop has, every member at The Sweatshop has. We are here to make you feel included, to make you feel good about your workout and yourself. Here is the schedule of classes for the weekend that are all free. If you sign up on Saturday you save 1/2 off your first month (normally $45/month). Or, you can come in any time and kickoff your free 7 day trial. If you have any questions, or if you want a workout partner – email me at

Saturday 8/6
7:30am BODYSTEP 30 minute athletic
9:00am SH’BAM
9:00am RPM

SNAP Fitness will also be at the club to tell you all about what they have to offer and how you can save on their membership when you’re a Sweatshop Member!

Sunday 8/7
7:30am CXWORX

Tuesday 8/9

For more information about the classes check out

See you at the club!