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Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Every day we train our muscles to change. We go into the gym, forget everything else in our lives for a while and try to embrace change. We may fight it, we may grit our teeth and sometimes we might give up, but ultimately we are working towards change…. Read more »

An invitation

Launch is this weekend, which means we’re starting brand new music and moves in all of the classes. This is when I start brainstorming how to get new people into the club. I remember driving by our location back when it was Positive Steps Fitness Center and seeing people exercising in the windows at night. I… Read more »

Results are in!

Hey guys, I know you’ve been checking back here everyday to see my final results! We’ll wait no longer! After completing the 8 week SGT workouts, 3x a week, I am excited to announce that I am stronger, leaner, and more determined than ever to continue on this path!! The last two weeks were rough… Read more »

SGT withdrawal

So last week I was forced to slow down. These allergies flared my asthma to a point I’ve never felt before! Doc appointment and prednisone later, my body was in SGT withdrawal! But I had to finish off this last week strong! GRIT cardio was awesome on Monday morning. I wasn’t at my best but I plugged… Read more »

SPRINTing to the finish line!

Come Friday, only 2 weeks remain in our SGT workout  so I’m SPRINTing to the finish line! I absolutely love the feeling I get from completing a SPRINT class.  It’s high-speed, energy and my legs never felt stronger and leaner!  Yes, leaner!  I am totally feeling a difference in my jeans and the way clothes are fitting! … Read more »

New GRIT cardio

Hey guys, If you haven’t tried the new GRIT cardio, it is awesome!  It wasn’t the pukey kind like last time, but definitely got my heartbeat up and my legs feeling like jello!  Although it felt more like a mix between plyo (the legs were aching) and cardio, I loved the new burpee donkey kicks… Read more »


I was pumped for tonight’s GRIT class because it was Cardio, and I haven’t experienced a cardio class yet!  When I walked in the door I heard…are you ready to puke?  This is the pukey cardio one! OH BOY!  My body said “bring it on, this is exactly what you need” and my mind said,… Read more »


Week 4 complete! I can’t believe we are halfway through this session and how awesome I feel from all these classes! It’s halftime now as I head off for the weekend with my family and I’m actually packing my clothes without trying them ALL on because I know they are going to fit in all… Read more »

NEW GRIT is hardcore!

Apparently I have lost track of the weeks, because this is week 4 and I posted last week that I had completed 2 weeks of SGT!  Well, just goes to show you how these classes are just melding into my daily routines and lifestyle!  I can’t believe that after this week, we are half way… Read more »

2 Weeks of SGT

So it’s been two full weeks of SGT workouts, 3x a week and I am feeling great!  I feel like my body has gotten used to the intensity and I’m not as sore after each workout…so there is hope if you are just starting!  And NO, teachers, this does not mean you need to kick… Read more »