Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Every day we train our muscles to change. We go into the gym, forget everything else in our lives for a while and try to embrace change. We may fight it, we may grit our teeth and sometimes we might give up, but ultimately we are working towards change.

My passion is essentially change. It’s in watching someone enter the gym afraid and unsure and leave feeling a part of a family. It’s pushing my class participants past their limits and into a new realm. It’s making you forget about your life for a while and DANCE. It’s giving instructors a platform to shine. It’s watching you guys form relationships with each other and try to drag poor, unsuspecting friends of yours to our classes were we get to change them too.

I once put a graphic up on the chalkboard at the gym. It was a circle and inside of it said, “comfort zone” and there was a dot on the outside that said “success”. Success lives outside of your comfort zone. I fully understand that going to a new gym is probably not within your comfort zone! It’s over 10 times the size of The Sweatshop with 5 times the membership. It’s totally going to feel like walking in on the first day of high school again, right? WRONG.

Here’s what’s not changing; your instructors. Any single one of us would love to meet you at SSC and do a workout with you. We’ll rock the monkey bars, explore the machines, and race you on the treadmills. We are going to have so much fun! Then there’s the members. Most of them have embraced this and are coming along for the ride! Family sticks together. Family also grows together and you’re going to get to meet some amazing instructors and staff that are new to you and completely excited to welcome you to their facility!

So with the sun soon setting on such an important chapter on my life, I want to say a massive thank you to the people that have reached out to congratulate me, to embrace this change and to tell me how proud they are of me. I was scared to embark on this and now I’m charging full steam ahead and ready to rock this next chapter and show you guys what the next level looks like. If you have any questions on what’s to come, please reach out to me at


An invitation

Launch is this weekend, which means we’re starting brand new music and moves in all of the classes. This is when I start brainstorming how to get new people into the club. I remember driving by our location back when it was Positive Steps Fitness Center and seeing people exercising in the windows at night. I saw the group fitness classes and they looked intimidating but fun. It wasn’t until I was a student at UNH that I finally took my first group fitness class. I will never forget being so nervous that I was sweating before I even walked in. I set up my step and wore your standard college girl gym outfit of shorts with some kind of lettering on the butt and a t-shirt. The instructor faced away from us, never introduced herself, put on the music and started. I was like a fish out of water at first but luckily with a sense of rhythm and and determination I was able to get through the hour. I came back over and over again. I never did get the instructor’s name. We referred to her not so lovingly as the step nazi. I saw her in the mall once and she didn’t even smile.

Anyway, that’s all to say that even with a not so great instructor, group fitness gave me a workout like nothing I ever could get on my own. Moving to the beat and surrounded by people, I pushed harder than I did in the gym. When I graduated I joined PSFC and took my first BODYSTEP class and met the kindest, most outgoing instructor, Jeanine. If I wasn’t there, she noticed. I had a friend that I met there that would set up my bench for me every week. What kept me coming back was the interaction with the instructors and members in addition to the workout. For the record, BODYSTEP was WAY better than the step nazi’s workout.

I don’t know how many people drive by and look in The Sweatshop windows and wish they could try it out. Or how many people see the free 7 day trial sign on route one and wonder what a class would be like, but I imagine they exist. Are you one of them? Have you never taken a class before and are worried about feeling out of place? Do you want to give yourself some “me time” and start exercising? I am personally inviting you to come and try a class. It’s free for 7 days and there’s no strings attached. And here’s the deal, we’ve all been there. I have, every instructor at The Sweatshop has, every member at The Sweatshop has. We are here to make you feel included, to make you feel good about your workout and yourself. Here is the schedule of classes for the weekend that are all free. If you sign up on Saturday you save 1/2 off your first month (normally $45/month). Or, you can come in any time and kickoff your free 7 day trial. If you have any questions, or if you want a workout partner – email me at

Saturday 8/6
7:30am BODYSTEP 30 minute athletic
9:00am SH’BAM
9:00am RPM

SNAP Fitness will also be at the club to tell you all about what they have to offer and how you can save on their membership when you’re a Sweatshop Member!

Sunday 8/7
7:30am CXWORX

Tuesday 8/9

For more information about the classes check out

See you at the club!



Results are in!

Hey guys,

I know you’ve been checking back here everyday to see my final results! We’ll wait no longer! After completing the 8 week SGT workouts, 3x a week, I am excited to announce that I am stronger, leaner, and more determined than ever to continue on this path!!

The last two weeks were rough for me because I was battling a bad cold and kids being sick! I’m attributing that to why you don’t see my six pack yet! LOL!

But I have committed to SGT classes until I get my results! I am honored to have been given the opportunity to share my experience and  my pictures with you all! It was the kickstart I needed to get back in shape! I hope you have found my feedback helpful in making your decisions to try SGT classes! I can’t wait to meet you in class and kick butt with you!!




Steph2 Steph1






SGT withdrawal

So last week I was forced to slow down. These allergies flared my asthma to a point I’ve never felt before! Doc appointment and prednisone later, my body was in SGT withdrawal!

But I had to finish off this last week strong! GRIT cardio was awesome on Monday morning. I wasn’t at my best but I plugged through and paced myself and at the end my body was thanking me! Or maybe it was just yelling at me!

Today at SPRINT my legs were hurting from being so distant! I loved the burn and this new series (4) It was easy to adjust back and forth between rests! Definitely my favorite one so far.

So the final results are in next week and I’m psyched to hear/share them. Most importantly, I FEEL healthy, strong and ready to take on the next SGT session!

If you have been contemplating joining and haven’t made that leap yet, have faith and join me for  4 weeks in May, your body won’t regret it!!







SPRINTing to the finish line!

Come Friday, only 2 weeks remain in our SGT workout  so I’m SPRINTing to the finish line! I absolutely love the feeling I get from completing a SPRINT class.  It’s high-speed, energy and my legs never felt stronger and leaner!  Yes, leaner!  I am totally feeling a difference in my jeans and the way clothes are fitting!  The combination of SGT classes have redefined my body and what it means to be strong and fit!  So SPRINT I will…and when the music is pumping and saying “maybe”, I’m saying there are no maybes, I WILL push on and make it to the finish line!


New GRIT cardio

Hey guys,

If you haven’t tried the new GRIT cardio, it is awesome!  It wasn’t the pukey kind like last time, but definitely got my heartbeat up and my legs feeling like jello!  Although it felt more like a mix between plyo (the legs were aching) and cardio, I loved the new burpee donkey kicks and mixup!  The next GRIT session is coming up and I’ve already got myself a spot because I can’t see my life without my SGT workouts!  #GRITFANATIC




I was pumped for tonight’s GRIT class because it was Cardio, and I haven’t experienced a cardio class yet!  When I walked in the door I heard…are you ready to puke?  This is the pukey cardio one! OH BOY!  My body said “bring it on, this is exactly what you need” and my mind said, “run now!”

I DID RUN…in fact, I sprinted into the warmup …clearly not my idea of a warmup…but certainly got my heart pumping!  It was nonstop all the way through and just when I thought I was going to be able to catch a breath, another round of sprints or skier jumps, or burpees was waiting for me!  I struggled through this class, often stopping to catch my breath, breathe in cold air through the window and just to catch up…but now that it’s over I can honestly say….that’s exactly what I needed!  I went into these SGT classes knowing that cardio and endurance were my weakness and I feel like I’m able to push more each time!

Don’t get me wrong… I never want to go through it again! But I think my body is still burning calories right now from all that hard work…and isn’t that worth it?



Week 4 complete! I can’t believe we are halfway through this session and how awesome I feel from all these classes! It’s halftime now as I head off for the weekend with my family and I’m actually packing my clothes without trying them ALL on because I know they are going to fit in all the right places!

It’s all thanks to GRIT, Kettlebells and Sprint!

I dragged myself to another 6am Kettlebells class this week. It was nonstop cardio and strength. I focused on using lighter weight to focus on my form for my KB swings and it paid off. I wasn’t as sore afterward, yet the variety of Kettlebell skills alternating with things like push-ups, scorpions and burpees kept my heart rate up and I got a great workout!

Then it was off to GRIT on Sat  morning, Plyo! Did I mention that I missed my usual Body Pump classes so I decided to do the Wed. and Fri. classes.  By this mornings GRIT I was spent! But of course, I felt awesome after it was all over! I actually love this Plyo routine…donkey kicks and long jumps are fun and the up and overs make me feel like I’m bouncing on the tumble track…but damn those burpees!!! It’s a love hate thing!


Now it’s time for some well deserved relaxation with the family! Enjoy launch everyone! I can’t wait for the new classes next week!




NEW GRIT is hardcore!

Apparently I have lost track of the weeks, because this is week 4 and I posted last week that I had completed 2 weeks of SGT!  Well, just goes to show you how these classes are just melding into my daily routines and lifestyle!  I can’t believe that after this week, we are half way through our session!  And we’ve got new GRIT classes.  I always go in wondering what type of class we are going to do…Strength, Plyo, or Cardio…but honestly, I can’t tell the difference from one to the next because all 3 pillars are included in every workout!   It is a WHOLE body workout in every class!  Today was Strength and it kicked my butt once again….good thing, because I have to put on a bathing suit this weekend… and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good about myself!  And it’s all due to those lunges, burpees, and frog jumps!  Thanks Danielle for a great new class this morning!


Starting Monday off right,



2 Weeks of SGT

So it’s been two full weeks of SGT workouts, 3x a week and I am feeling great!  I feel like my body has gotten used to the intensity and I’m not as sore after each workout…so there is hope if you are just starting!  And NO, teachers, this does not mean you need to kick my butt more!  My muscles are enjoying all of the pain!

I attacked an early morning Kettlebell class last week and I wanted to share my experience!  All I can say is power to all of you that wake up that early every week!  Too early for my body, but after the warmup and with a combination of 15 minutes of kettlebell swings and squats, and then another 10 minutes of alternating moves, I was ready to tackle the rest of my day! If you’re thinking of trying Kettlebells, I feel like it’s a low intensity workout compared to GRIT but no doubt you’ll walk out sweating and stronger!

The snow day really put a wrench in my workout schedule, so today I made up for it by going to SPRINT this morning and then attacked a 5:30 GRIT class.  I am addicted to SPRINT!  I get on the bike and during class I’m huffing and puffing, dripping sweat, and my legs are on fire…I ask myself why I put up with this every week… YET I keep coming back for more! It’s like a love-hate relationship! I’m sweating off the ice cream sundae I ate the night before!  And then I went to GRIT to find out it’s all PLYO…yup a total leg workout…and every other part of my body!  I only stopped once to grab some air this time, so I know my endurance is improving!  The way we set up the benches it was like we had partners in crime. If I felt myself loosing steam, I could see another girl going for it and I wanted to keep pace!  And if you haven’t tried Donkey Kicks yet…they’re so much fun!  Nothing like kicking yourself in the a**!


Enjoy your workouts this week and Happy Easter!  Sorry Whole 30 crew…I’ll eat your share of mini eggs!