I was pumped for tonight’s GRIT class because it was Cardio, and I haven’t experienced a cardio class yet!  When I walked in the door I heard…are you ready to puke?  This is the pukey cardio one! OH BOY!  My body said “bring it on, this is exactly what you need” and my mind said, “run now!”

I DID RUN…in fact, I sprinted into the warmup …clearly not my idea of a warmup…but certainly got my heart pumping!  It was nonstop all the way through and just when I thought I was going to be able to catch a breath, another round of sprints or skier jumps, or burpees was waiting for me!  I struggled through this class, often stopping to catch my breath, breathe in cold air through the window and just to catch up…but now that it’s over I can honestly say….that’s exactly what I needed!  I went into these SGT classes knowing that cardio and endurance were my weakness and I feel like I’m able to push more each time!

Don’t get me wrong… I never want to go through it again! But I think my body is still burning calories right now from all that hard work…and isn’t that worth it?