Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Every day we train our muscles to change. We go into the gym, forget everything else in our lives for a while and try to embrace change. We may fight it, we may grit our teeth and sometimes we might give up, but ultimately we are working towards change.

My passion is essentially change. It’s in watching someone enter the gym afraid and unsure and leave feeling a part of a family. It’s pushing my class participants past their limits and into a new realm. It’s making you forget about your life for a while and DANCE. It’s giving instructors a platform to shine. It’s watching you guys form relationships with each other and try to drag poor, unsuspecting friends of yours to our classes were we get to change them too.

I once put a graphic up on the chalkboard at the gym. It was a circle and inside of it said, “comfort zone” and there was a dot on the outside that said “success”. Success lives outside of your comfort zone. I fully understand that going to a new gym is probably not within your comfort zone! It’s over 10 times the size of The Sweatshop with 5 times the membership. It’s totally going to feel like walking in on the first day of high school again, right? WRONG.

Here’s what’s not changing; your instructors. Any single one of us would love to meet you at SSC and do a workout with you. We’ll rock the monkey bars, explore the machines, and race you on the treadmills. We are going to have so much fun! Then there’s the members. Most of them have embraced this and are coming along for the ride! Family sticks together. Family also grows together and you’re going to get to meet some amazing instructors and staff that are new to you and completely excited to welcome you to their facility!

So with the sun soon setting on such an important chapter on my life, I want to say a massive thank you to the people that have reached out to congratulate me, to embrace this change and to tell me how proud they are of me. I was scared to embark on this and now I’m charging full steam ahead and ready to rock this next chapter and show you guys what the next level looks like. If you have any questions on what’s to come, please reach out to me at