Week 4 complete! I can’t believe we are halfway through this session and how awesome I feel from all these classes! It’s halftime now as I head off for the weekend with my family and I’m actually packing my clothes without trying them ALL on because I know they are going to fit in all the right places!

It’s all thanks to GRIT, Kettlebells and Sprint!

I dragged myself to another 6am Kettlebells class this week. It was nonstop cardio and strength. I focused on using lighter weight to focus on my form for my KB swings and it paid off. I wasn’t as sore afterward, yet the variety of Kettlebell skills alternating with things like push-ups, scorpions and burpees kept my heart rate up and I got a great workout!

Then it was off to GRIT on Sat  morning, Plyo! Did I mention that I missed my usual Body Pump classes so I decided to do the Wed. and Fri. classes.  By this mornings GRIT I was spent! But of course, I felt awesome after it was all over! I actually love this Plyo routine…donkey kicks and long jumps are fun and the up and overs make me feel like I’m bouncing on the tumble track…but damn those burpees!!! It’s a love hate thing!


Now it’s time for some well deserved relaxation with the family! Enjoy launch everyone! I can’t wait for the new classes next week!