I Survived!

I survived my first GRIT strength class!  I made it there on time too!  And I didn’t even have to sleep in my clothes!  Things are looking good!

I got to the class and started setting up just like Body Pump!  I used 10lbs on each side of the bar and that was sustainable throughout the workout!  I’m sure that means I should be adding more weight next time! The workout is constantly kept my heart rate up with small breaks in between…I was gasping for air halfway through! And then Danielle was in my ear…”Come on you can do this…keep it up…only 90 seconds!” Longest 90 seconds of my life!  But needless to say, I survived…and I feel great!  I can’t wait for more!


(Singing) I will Survive, Just as long as I know how to GRIT, I know I’ll stay alive…