It’s not just about getting kids fit.

Last night I got an email that really bothered me. The kind that gets inside your head and rattles around and stays there until you get so mad that you want to explode. It was about someone I love very dearly that was made to feel awful during a sports practice. She was berated and made to feel less than wonderful. Is this what grade school sports have become? What happened to running around on the field and getting some time to goof off and be a kid? It made me want to act in a few different ways, but the most constructive way I can act is to ask you all to please share this with your friends.

We offer a very affordable class for children called Born To Move where I can absolutely promise you that your child will never leave feeling defeated or belittled. Our goal in offering this program is to give children a place to come and exercise and feel good about themselves. We help them explore several kinds of fitness from martial arts to yoga and always end with relaxation sending them back to you centered and ready to take on the rest of the day.

I’ll admit that I was hesitant to bring on children’s programming. I have so much respect for teachers and coaches (most coaches) that have the skills it takes to work with children. I wasn’t sure that I could ever really hack it, especially when it comes to teenagers. On day 2 of our training for Born To Move I still was unsure of how to make this class work. Our trainer began to explain to us why Les Mills started the program and how there are so many children out there without physical activity to keep them healthy mentally and physically. She went on to talk about how so many children have multiple stressors such as loads of homework, family problems, bullying etc and no coping mechanisms. This program is a coping mechanism. It’s an outlet. Not only do we get your children sweaty but we teach them relaxation techniques at the end of every class. Imagine your child being able to lay in their bed and have a way to calm themselves down when life gets difficult. This isn’t just a gym class, this program can change lives in a massive way and that’s why I decided to add it.

If you have a child that you think can benefit from this program but cannot afford for them to attend please contact me directly at and we can work something out.

Let’s get moving and get more children excited about fitness! First class is on me.

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Classes are 10 for $60 or 20 for $110 and can be purchased here. We require at least 3 children to be signed up for class to happen so please sign up and double check that the class is still on before heading in.

Thank you for reading!