Meet Stephanie!

Hi guys, my name is Stephanie and I am about to take you on my fitness journey as I start my 8 week Small Group Training at the Sweatshop!  Am I insane or what?  I’m thinking I am right now!  The funny part is…I consider myself healthy and fit!  So this should be a breeze, right???
I mean, growing up, I was a gymnast and a professional cheerleader. I did crazy tumbling, worked out 5 days a week, and wore my bikini proud on my honeymoon!  BAH!  Fast forward to today…two kiddos later!  I’m lucky if I get to work out 2x a week, most of my lifting involves groceries, and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a bikini!
So here I am with this great opportunity to work out 3x a week, hard core, intense workouts, in hopes to get back in shape!  I am committed to giving it my all!
The morning of my pre-assessment I actually slept in my gym clothes (1. because I wanted to make sure I got there on time…and 2. because I wanted to make sure I had the best outfit for my before photo).  Yes, I wanted to bare it all! What other way can I track true results! If you’re wondering where my before photos are…you’re going to have to stay tuned!  I won’t even show them to my husband yet!
So my journey begins tomorrow morning!  I can’t wait to share my experience with you here!
Let’s do this!