NEW GRIT is hardcore!

Apparently I have lost track of the weeks, because this is week 4 and I posted last week that I had completed 2 weeks of SGT!  Well, just goes to show you how these classes are just melding into my daily routines and lifestyle!  I can’t believe that after this week, we are half way through our session!  And we’ve got new GRIT classes.  I always go in wondering what type of class we are going to do…Strength, Plyo, or Cardio…but honestly, I can’t tell the difference from one to the next because all 3 pillars are included in every workout!   It is a WHOLE body workout in every class!  Today was Strength and it kicked my butt once again….good thing, because I have to put on a bathing suit this weekend… and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good about myself!  And it’s all due to those lunges, burpees, and frog jumps!  Thanks Danielle for a great new class this morning!


Starting Monday off right,