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DrenchLogoThere’s SWEAT and then, there’s DRENCH! DRENCH is 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training program. We’ve taken our knowledge about HIIT and put it together with our experience within this demographic and created a highly effective HIIT class that is tailored to you! Exercise is constantly evolving and we like to be able to utilize the latest and greatest ideas and exercises in our classes! You will see Tabata intervals, pyramids, challenges, complexes and many other formats that kick your metabolism into high gear! Easily modified for any exercise level, DRENCH will leave you sweaty and successful for sure!

kettlebellKETTLEBELLS: America’s most versatile strength training tool! Swing, press, squat, pull and push your way to a stronger version of yourself! Led by StrongFirst coach Tiffany Nolan, this class will teach you the foundations of movement. You will earn your muscle in this class!!

TRXlogoTRX: Utilizing the TRX Suspension Trainer and the TRX Rip trainer your body becomes your machine! These exercises are created to train you for real life. Creating and resisting rotation, activating your core with every movement, learning how to move the entire body in harmony are just some of the things you can expect in this class!

SWEAT360: Sometimes the best workouts come from using your own bodyweight! You will work on agility, strength and cardio in this small group bootcamp style class.

SGT Testimonials:

“SGT changed my fitness level more in 6 weeks than I thought was possible. After the first 6 week session I saw a dramatic difference in my other work outs. I was able to push myself so much more without even feeling like I was. It is over in 30 mins and the results are real. Nearly everyone in my first group signed up again!”

-Bridget H.

“SGT is the hardest, but most satisfying workout I’ve ever done. Just when you think you can’t push yourself further your coach and/or your team encourages you to go on! And you can do anything for 30 minutes!”

-Carol M.

“An accomplishment for me at my age. I feel that I gained strength,confidence in my ability and my technique improved. My trainer brought out the best in me!”

-JoAnn L.

“As a runner, my body is used to one type of movement – forward motion. SGT has allowed me to work my body and muscles in different ways – making me feel stronger, faster, and believe it or not – less achy!!”

-Maggie H.

“It’s more than just physical – it reminds you that you can push yourself beyond your “normal” limits.  If I can define new limits at age 60, you have no excuse not to redefine yours.”

-Dave S.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely HATE working out but I have finally found a workout program I love. I am completely addicted. I can’t believe how quick my body changed and how much my overall fitness has improved in the past few weeks (I have real muscles that I grew myself!) I can’t say enough about it!”

-Jamie B.