SGT withdrawal

So last week I was forced to slow down. These allergies flared my asthma to a point I’ve never felt before! Doc appointment and prednisone later, my body was in SGT withdrawal!

But I had to finish off this last week strong! GRIT cardio was awesome on Monday morning. I wasn’t at my best but I plugged through and paced myself and at the end my body was thanking me! Or maybe it was just yelling at me!

Today at SPRINT my legs were hurting from being so distant! I loved the burn and this new series (4) It was easy to adjust back and forth between rests! Definitely my favorite one so far.

So the final results are in next week and I’m psyched to hear/share them. Most importantly, I FEEL healthy, strong and ready to take on the next SGT session!

If you have been contemplating joining and haven’t made that leap yet, have faith and join me for  4 weeks in May, your body won’t regret it!!